Pixel Emotes

Emoticons aren't generally what one thinks of when talking about art. In my experience, though, I find that they're just as valid as any form or medium. In recent years, emoticons have almost become a language of their own due to the popularity of Emoji.

I tend to prefer my emoticons hand-pixelled, however, which is why I made Pixel Emotes. Because, as ubiquitous as Emoji are in today's society, they lack the character and style that comes from a hand-made emoticon. There's something to be said about being able to reproduce a feeling on a 15x15 circular canvas, too.

View the mini-site or look at some of my other emotes on DeviantArt.

Museums at Night - Advertising

Creating a mystery for the people of Leeds.
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Big Box

"Interstellar Cartographer 8.0 puts the universe at your hands, and allows you to stand upon the shoulders of giants."
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IBM C/AT Guide to Operations

"Do not attempt to conduct repairs yourself, as this may lead to prospective issues and will void your warranty."
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Broken Circus

Gaming from God's own county.
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A pinball table designed in homage to classic sci-fi and retro games.
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