Create 2017

Each year since 2013, the prestigious Batley School of Art has run its successful end-of-year show, entitled Create. The show demonstrates the artistic talent present within the school's varied courses, and provides an opportunity for visitors to find out more about the programmes offered. As part of the Major Project brief during my third year in graphic design at BSA, my colleagues and I were handed the torch on this one. Each of us created (heh, geddit?) a unique design for the branding of the show.

The way I see it, creativity is always at the forefront for any artist. It fills the mind, flows through the brain and leads to many a sleepless night of drawing, writing or just thinking. To convey this idea, I filled my poster with the word that says it all: CREATE. That, coupled with the heavy type and loud colour scheme, makes for a striking poster design and an irresistable leaflet. (Resistability TBC)

Unfortunately, my design was not picked by the marketing team. I'm still proud of it, though, and may use the visual style again if the opportunity presents itself.