Magna - Advertising

Based in a disused steel mill in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the Magna Science Adventure Centre is an experiential, hands-on museum for children to discover all aspects of science. It focusses on using the elements to impart this knowledge, with each of earth, air, fire and water getting its own pavilion within the centre.

My job was to produce a poster and redesign the leaflet for this museum. So, like them, I decided to work with the four classical elements, and created a series of four posters. (Seems I'm good at doing that, eh?)

But my campaign was much, much more than just posters. Since this museum is aimed at around 7-11-year-olds, I figured the best course of action was to produce something that would really get them interested in the brand. And what makes a brand relevant to that age group? Something that has proven time and time again to be popular with that demographic: the trading card.

The premise is that the planet is starting to wear out and parts of it are starting to deteriorate and crumble into nothing*. Or, as I so eloquently put it on the leaflet, "Earth's falling apart! Help fix it!" To this end, four factions have risen up to take care of a particular element: the Tectonic Order for earth, Meltdown Corps for fire, Ski Infantry for water, and Air Force Ten Participants would pick a team - or possibly have one assigned to them - and they would be tasked with collecting all the cards for their particular element.

Cards would be obtained through packs bought in Magna, or found around the museum. Visitors would also get a free pack of cards just for coming along - the hook, as they say.

I didn't expand the idea much further than that, as the brief asked for posters and a leaflet and that's what I aimed to provide. However, the prospect was very exciting and I would like to have worked on it more, given the chance.

*Science fiction stories often base their narratives in real-world events. This is no different.