Pretty Pink Pearl - Web Design

Founded in 2007, Pretty Pink Pearl is a unique brand of LGBT-themed clothing and accessories. The business has seen moderate success at festivals as well as online. The owners of the business also run a small print shop, where I volunteered at during the summer of 2016; part of my work was to create for them a new website, in partnership with independent designer Jasdeep Sagoo.

This site was one heck of a challenge, to say the least. It uses a very dated - and very rigid - ecommerce backend, which allows only the most basic HTML and CSS changes. It's possible to use a custom stylesheet (which I did), but control over the HTML is very limited: it's almost impossible to use handmade div tags for certain auto-generated parts of the page. For the less technically-minded among you, all this means is that it's really damn difficult to do anything on this system without resorting to some very dodgy CSS tricks.

Nevertheless, I managed to create something a lot more visually acceptable than their, design. The site uses HTML5 and CSS3, with all the modern conveniences that entails; there's also some Javascript involved, and the whole thing (or my contribution, at least) is entirely standards-compliant. In addition, I created the banner images used in the carousel at the top.

It's not perfect, admittedly, but I think I did the best I could under the circumstances.

Pretty Pink Pearl