Pure Elegance Carnival - Branding

Pure Elegance is Huddersfield's premier Caribbean carnival, offering a lively atmosphere and eye-catching performances and shows. This year, they approached me to design the branding for 2017's summer carnival.

They gave one directive: the word 'Serenity'. (Anyone get the feeling these words don't quite match up to the business?) They also recommended a colour palette, but this was more or less an optional component.

I took the design two different ways. The first, and by far the more interesting to make, was a 1960s-inspired piece of typography, utilising bright colours and swirling patterns to complement the design. The type was designed to evoke posters and record sleeve designs from that era - think Jimi Hendrix Experience. The second took another approach: this was more of the relaxation end of the spectrum, so I took inspiration from leisure centres and spas. After working in the suggested palette, it made for a good second option for the client.

Disappointingly, the client never followed up. Still, it was great fun hand-drawing the typography for this piece, and it's another skill improved on. Can't complain too much at that.