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C/AT Manual

Let's get something clear: I love cats, and I also love computers.

With that in mind, this short book is a guide to the safe and efficient use of a Personal System C/AT. It takes facts about, and care information for, house cats and presents this information as if the cat was a piece of technology.

The layout design will be familiar to anyone who's used an IBM personal computer; similarly, the name C/AT is derived from the IBM PC/AT system. The book's illustrations were designed with this style in mind, being intentionally minimalist and annotated with straightforward diagrams. Accompanying text provides cat facts with a light sense of humour, explaining cats' behaviours as system functions and comparing their body parts to computer peripherals. Owners are encouraged to visit an IBM-approved vet should their system start to behave erratically, with space to write their cat's name and serial number at the front.

"The cat manual was your peak. Nothing can top that." - Harry Scott

Client: Self-initiated

Work Completed: 2015