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CRT is an app made for organising digital game collections. It was built for two reasons: first, because I wasn't happy with what was on offer in this genre; second, so I could practice design techniques for a totally new platform. The result is an app which is as easy to use as it is to develop.

Building around the Electron framework means that the app can make use of HTML and CSS for its layout; not only that, but it's certain to look the same on any machine. This also means that JavaScript can be used for interactivity - though only as much as is necessary. As far as possible, I've used pure HTML and CSS in the making of CRT, to keep things smooth and lightweight.

The name was chosen because the sort of games that the app is aimed at were played on cathode ray tube televisions. Since CRT is billed as 'the portal to your game collection', it seemed appropriate.

Client: Self-initiated

Work Completed: 2017-2018

More Info: GitHub