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Interstellar Cartographer

Interstellar Cartographer 8.0 puts the universe at your hands, and allows you to stand upon the shoulders of giants.

Branding is an important facet of graphic design. How do you display this company, this product, as something worth having in your life? How do you turn a failing business into a booming industry leader?

And how the heck do you brand yourself?

This was my task during year 2 of my degree: to design a personal brand, and to create a promotional item for that brand. Since I am a collector of retro games and software, the clear approach was to produce some packaging evocative of such pieces from the eighties and nineties. The version you see here is a total overhaul of what I originally designed in 2015, created to better reflect myself at the present moment.

Presented as a spacefarer's companion, Interstellar Cartographer includes many subtle references to its creator, as is the purpose of the item. Text, screenshots and other tidbits are used to sneak in such references. A picture of the constellation Leo; lyrics to songs by Rush; a still from the film Interstellar; all of it comes together to paint what I hope is a comprehensive picture. On the disc was included a local copy of my portfolio, and a floppy disk was also included as an added bonus.

Client: Self-initiated

Work Completed: 2015-2017