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Road to Discovery

The Evaluation and Application module encourages designers to explore and express themselves through a chosen medium, producing a self-reflective piece of work that discusses where they started, where they are, and where they see themselves in the creative industries. Some students choose a magazine format. Some decide on cards, and others prefer to produce a series of posters.

I made a video game.

Road to Discovery invites viewers not only to find out what goes through a designer's mind, but also to step in and experience it for themselves. It takes a more interactive and experiential approach, one which I think reflects its creator better than any other medium could have. I also feel it pushes the boundaries of what graphic design can be.

The game constitutes a simple, straightforward point-and-click adventure from a top-down perspective, with a large emphasis on characters and dialogue. It takes the player on a journey, teaching the ways and means of graphic design, the industry as a whole, as well as an insight into my personal life. Pixel art and chiptunes are used to evoke a retro feel, bolstered by the game's logo, designed in the style of 1980s games and television.

"Tim loves retro games and enjoys the aesthetic values found in classic cartoons. It was this passion and skillset built up over many years that led him to present his work as an interactive game. This would represent a fun journey so as to build a picture of himself, his achievements and some of his future aims, objectives and aspirations." - Ged Flynn

Work Completed: 2017

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